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Animal Healing  Therapy
Animals are a very important part of our lives, they give us unconditional love, when we come home, they love us no matter what mood we're in, they welcome us home at the end of each and help us to relax and de-stress.  Research shows that people who own a pet are much less stressed then those who dont have one.  They are often like our children, and are especially good company for the elderly whose children have left home, it fills the missing gap.
As Carol has always had a love for animals, she has been guided to use her alternative healing abilities to help animals of different kinds. 
Carol uses different types of healing, depending on the animals needs;
Gem Essences
Stellar Essences
All the animals respond very well to the healing modalities which 
Carol uses.
Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.
Phone; (08) 9593 1111
Mobile; 0411423502

In the early ninties, I had two dogs who were both very spoilt, one was a border collie cross named Rocky and the other a blue heeler named Sasha both were large indoor dogs.  When we moved house Sasha seemed to become very anxious and stresses and even though she was only three years old she became incontinent.  I took her to vets only to be given medication and told to come back next week, after several other expensive visits, something inside told me to use Reiki on her.  When I got home I immediatly got her on my knee and layed my hands on her back, she loved it, I continued to give her healing whenever she sat still long enough and she never looked back.
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