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 Carol's Biography
Carol is a natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient giving her first psychic reading at the early age of nine, telling her mother that they would soon be moving from Scotland to live the rest of their lives in Australia.  Carol has had two near death experiences in her life, the first being when she was only two years old, the second NDE happened after giving birth to her daughter Kyla.  All of these things have helped her believe that life is more than what we see. 
She has for the last twenty years dedicated her life to helping and guiding others along their journey, whether it be through the tarot and spiritual readings she gives or with the personalized healings, people always leave feeling better than when they arrived.  Carol believes that this is her agreement and calling with the Universe in this lifetime.
Spirit Guides
In 2010, she discovered an ability to draw / paint through Spirit. After a conversation with a friend who asked Carol to draw her Spirit Guide for her, Carol replied "No, I can't do that."  Her friend asked why not?  And handed Carol a pencil and paper, where she proceeded to draw a female being not from this plane.  The being told her that she was 'clean' and when Carol asked what she meant, she informed her that she had no hair. She was very powerful and yet gentle at the same time, she was beautiful in every sense of the word, beautiful to look at, but also in energy. Her eyes were very intense and filled with love. When she was asked her name, she replied "Sedona"  Carol relayed the message to her friend, she started to cry and she said "I got that name about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't know what it meant."    Carol now draws and paints Spirit Guides and  Spirit art for her clients in Australia and overseas.
Carol’s qualifications are as follows;
Reiki Master
Spiritual Healer
Past Life Regressionist
Tarot Reader
Crystal Light Practitioner and Balancer
Crystal Healer
Gem and Flower Essence Therapist
Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Animal Energy Therapist
Oriental Remedial Therapist
Life Skills Counselor / Grief Counselor
Emotional Freedom Therapist
Reflexology / Swedish Massage
Clinical / Medicinal Herbalist 
Carol is an accredited in Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment and  facilitates workshops and training in many of the above, including the following;
Tarot classes
Reiki Healing
Self Awareness
Crystal Healing
Emotional Freedom Therapy
Spiritually Guided Surgery
Past Life Studies
Most of the above courses can be done through correspondence, please check under courses and workshops.
PLUS MANY MORE! Please express your interest CLICK HERE 
 Carols readings include a combination of tarot, angel cards, numerology as well as Spiritual Guidance.
She has used the Mythic tarot for over 30 years and has introduced other types of tarot in her readings.  Numerology is another tool which she uses to tune into the enquirer, and allows her to give accurate information on what they are going through and how best to use the situation to get the very best out of it.

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