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Flower Essence Therapy
Flower essences have been around since ancient times, and became more acknowledged and recognised in the 1930's when Dr Edward Bach devoted his life to finding a simple and effective answer to people's illness and distress.
Dr Bach was convinced that at the heart of all distress and dis-ease lay an imbalance created by our fears, suspicion, anger, greed, discouragement and other 'negative' feelings, all of which stand in our way of optimum health, well being, happiness and inner peace.
By using the flower essences required for your individual issues, they work directly with your specific energy to bring you back into balance and into a state of well-being.
The cost per Flower Essences session - $65.00
The cost for an personalised essence - $25.00
To book or enquire please contact
Carol 08 9593 1111
mobile 0411 423 502
Workshops and correspondence courses are also available.
Workshops and correspondences courses are available.
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