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Gem Essence
Gem Essences are a vibrational healing created from the energies of crystals.  The gem essences have the same healing properties as the crystals and gems themselves.  For instance, rose quartz works specifically on perfecting the emotional state by producing emotional balance and harmony .  
Just as each crystal has a particular healing energy or property, so do the gem essences.  Each crystal and gem has a certain vibration or pattern which resonates to a particular dis-ease, ailment or emotion, therefoe when a certain essence is introduced into the energy field, it automatically matches or heals that persons energy field. Creating a sense of good health and well being. 
Gem Essences work by asssisting the mind and body to firstly recognise the blockages and then clear it, bringing strength and health back to the area.  Gem Essences bypass the physical concerns and goes straight to the root cause, which people are often quite unaware of.  By doing this there are sometimes more issues which come up and need healing as there may be a number of concerns which may create one particular illness. 
Illnesses, disease and ailments are the bodies way of crying for help.
Gem Essences can give a person the courage and strength to face their issues and problems head on and help them to work through them on a subtle level and at the same time works to balance and soothe on all levels bringing about healing of the mind, body and soul.
The Gem Essences work directly on the molecular structure of the body, also with the pituitary and pineal glands to refresh, revitalise and rejuvenate the soul.  They also assist the person to understand the importance of attuning themselves to nature and their bodies.  The Gem Essences are a more acceptable and conventional way of healing.  While crystals themselves work on the outer vibrational level of the body, the gem essences work more on an inner cellular and vibrational structure and work their way outwards.  Both gems and crystals themselves as well as the essences, all work on healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual  levels in a holistic approach to healing.
Some people mya notice changes straight away while others it may take minutes or even days for the shift to occur.  Both children and animals respond well to Gem Essence therapy as they dont pu up any blocks.
Sessions can take up to an hour, where Carol checks for the persons individual needs and responses, then creates a personal Gem Essence especially for them.
The cost per session is $65.00
The cost per Essence is $25.00
To book or enquire about a Gem Essence Therapy Session
ph; 08 9593 1111
0411 423 502
Workshops and correspondences courses are available.
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