Carol Kirk - Hypnotherapy
Carol Kirk - Mystical Minds for all your spiritual needs
Carol is a past life regressionist as well as a clinical hypnotherapist.
Carol recommends Past Life Regression where a person feels that they are carrying issues from a  previous life or are just curious about their previous incarnation. CLICK HERE for Past Life Regression information.
Hypnotherapy is benefical to eradicate unwanted behaviours in your life , promote healing or to gain strength and confidence.  Excellent treatment for phobias and addictions and can be tailored to suit the individual.  Private sessions are the most beneficial allowing all of your individual needs to be addressed, however due to location not everyone can access this tool of transformation.  Therefore below is a selection of recommended alternatives that may assist you on your quest for a better life. These guided hypnosis CD's are by another acclaimed Australian Clinical Hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Session
In Clinic Appointment Only
Approx 1hour session

This modality is excellent to tackle unwanted behaviours, addictions, fears and phobias. Tailored to suit your individual needs.

Practitioner : Carol Kirk
Price: $120.00
Creating Abundance
Create and attract better financial circumstances by utilising laws of attraction and unlocking the immense potential using your mind to make money.
Price: $29.95
Beating Marijuana Addiction
Beat marijuana addiction easily and comfortably by overcoming the emotional and physical cravings associated with the habitual use of this drug. Can also be used for other drug addictions.
Price: $29.95
Creating Better Relationships
Develop the confidence to attract, create and maintain meaningful relationships in your life by becoming comfortable within yourself and around others.
Price: $29.95
Enhance Your Intuition
Unlock the ability of your mind to heighten your powers of perception and sharpen your intuition. Understand and utilise the abundant potential of your subconscious mind.
Price: $29.95
No More Nail Biting
Specifically designed to help individuals who sufffer from the widespread problem of compulsive nail biting by targeting and changing the emotions that lead to this bad habit.
Price: $29.95
A Youthful You
Extremely effective CD that improves energy, vitality, self esteem, happiness and general wellbeing with any listener, young or old. Great CD to help facilitate the effects of almost any other title.
Price: $29.95
Pain Free
Utilise the mind, body connection to relieve the physical pain sensations from any form of injury or physical affliction. Helps the individual remain calm and at ease despite their pain.
Price: $29.95
Weight Loss
Formatted to help achieve and maintain the optimum body weight for you. This CD targets appetite control, eating patterns, exercise regimes and the motivation tosuccessfully lose weight.
Price: $29.95
Ultimate Meditation
Take your meditation to the next level through the frequencies and subliminal messages on this CD which are designed for self guided deep trance and relaxation.
Price: $29.95
Goddess Awakening
A journey of pwerful self healing and self realisation formulated to empower every woman on all levels. Rediscover the beauty of the Goddess who dwells deep within.
Price: $29.95
Hypnosis Birthing
This amazing cd will help any woman through the emotional and physical stresses and changes of pregnancy, allowing a more natural and often painfree childbirth.
Price: $29.95
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