Carol Kirk - Mystical Minds for all your spiritual needs

Psychic Development Weekly Course 7.30 - 9pm
 During this workshop, you will learn about; Your guides, meeting them through meditation. Aura's, Smudging, Clearing and Cleansing negative energy. Psychometry, Mediumship, Automatic Writing, Pendulums and how they work. Much, much more.

Weekly - Psychic  Development Classes
 During these classes, you will be taught how to trust your intuition, by meeting your spirit guide, using your own special abilities.
We will cover a different topic each week, including psychometry, automatic writing, pendulums, transfiguration, mediumship, aura's, cleansing and clearing negative energies and more.  If this sounds interesting for you call now and book in..
 $25.00 per week

Psychic Intensive Workshop 10am - 4pm
 This course covers topics such as, psychometry, aura's, clearing and cleansing,
meet your guides, smudging and more.Excellent for both beginners and experienced students.   Express your interest now and book in for our next workshop.


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