Carol Kirk - Readings
Carol Kirk - Mystical Minds for all your spiritual needs
Psychic Readings by Carol
$120.00 for a full reading.
Approximately one hour
Includes 2 x Tarot decks
Numerology reading
Angel cards
Spiritual guidance
Mini readings 20 -25  mins $85.
Includes 1 x tarot deck
Angel cards
Spiritual guidance
All available in private,  phone and also skype.
Call to book.
Psychic Parties available.
Gather ten or more friends around for a psychic party and you, the hostess will receive a FREE reading.  Readings st the party are $75.00 per person.
Check below for special offer..

Carol is a natural clairvoyant, clairscentient and psychic medium.
Born in England in the 1950's and brought up in Scotland until emigrating with her parents to Perth, Australia in the mid 60's at the age of 10years.  Even at  this early age she had already developed her natural abilities and began by reading tea leaves.  She has been offering Tarot and Numerology based Psychic Readings prior to purchasing her store in 1997 and now you have the opportunity to seek Carol's insight and wisdom. Select the reading of your choice.
A personal, private session with Carol can be arranged by either calling (08) 9593 1111 or mobile 0411423502
The reading can be done by telephone, email or in person.
New Spirit Guide Drawings
For several years now, Carol has been told by Spirit that she will be doing guided Spiritual Drawings.  Every time she tried, her paintings would be mostly traditional, landscapes, ocean scenes and even animals.  Then one day out of the blue after expressing her desire to do this, a friend handed her a pencil and paper and said "You can draw mine."  It was quite amazing the drawing which emerged.  It was that of a female, but not from the Earth plane, she told Carol that she was 'clean' which when Carol investigated what she meant, she discovered the female had no hair.  Carol had another new experience when she was told the females name was "Sedona".  The friend had tears in her eyes and said she got that name a few weeks earlier but couldn't relate to it, she can now...
Carol has found that she can draw peoples guides even though  she has never met them.  Her guides have told her she only needs their birthdate, first name and a few details about themselves. 
Spiritual guide drawings will be seen here soon  
$50.00 per drawing
$5.00 laminating
$10.00 postage and packaging
To receive your Spirit Guide Drawing, contact Carol by email
or Ph 08 9593 1111
mobile; 0411 423 502
Numerology Readings
With Free
Yearly Report only $60.00 each  including P & P or emailed directly to you..
Approximately 15 - 20 pages.
In your numerology report, you will;
Recognise where your opportunies for personal success are to be found.
Discover your special inbuilt talents and abilities.
Understand your inner motivations and potential opportunities and obstacles they may present.
Develop energies that may be out of balance so that they can work for you in positive ways.
Improve areas of difficulty because of the misuse of energies needing mastery.
Find out what is in store for you this year and  what events are most likely to occur.
Take advantage of this special offer now.
phone Carol  08 9593 1111
or mobile    0411 423 502

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