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In the early 1990's Carol was drawn to learn the massage technique of reflexology.  She found that the relaxation that it gave her friends and family was more beneficial than she could have imagined.
Reflexology uses foot massage to effect physiological changes which then brings about  psycho-emotional benefits.  Carol has over the years developed her own special technique, by utilising vibrational essences and essential oils depending on the clients needs.  This development from the physical [reflexology ] to the emotional and Spiritual realms is an illustration of the mind - body connection.  Carol aims to release stress and bring about a peaceful, calm and relaxed session.  This brings about a more balanced equilbrium and when received on a regular basis, allows the client to cope with life's issues with a more positive manner and attitude.
During a reflexology session you will begin with a warm foot bath with healing oils added.  While you are soaking Carol will ask you about any concerns or illness's and complete a client information sheet.  After the assessment you will then lay down on the massage table where Carol will make sure you are comfortable, then commence the reflexology session by using gentle strokes, kneading and massaging each foot, and applying the correct pressure for your comfort.  Often at this point the client will drift of into a blissful sleep.
As Carol is a Reiki Master the Universal healing energies will begin to flow as soon as she has placed her hands on your feet, so you will experience the healing energies.  It is a truly unique experience.
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