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Reiki Healing

$85 per session
(Approx. 90 minutes)
What is Reiki?
Reiki is Universal Life Energy which is a non-intrusive method of hands on healing. It is a very gentle and wholistic method of healing, as it reaches all levels including; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Which brings them all back into balance and equilibrium. 

Reiki Healing Workshops
Reiki is an effective way of healing, which is simple and safe. 
The workshops are held in a supportive environment, which is catered for all ages.

Reiki I Workshop
$495 per person (Over 2 days)
Includes: 40 page manual and completion certificate.
There will be four attunements, which will open and clear your channels to allow free flow of the healing Reiki energy. 
This aids your psychic and Spiritual growth.  

Reiki II Workshop
$495 per person (Over 2 days)
Includes: 40 page manual and completion certificate.
This workshop increases and enhances your ability for healing and gives you sacred symbols to assist you in distant or absent healing. The healing used in level two Reiki is magnified and therefore a stronger energy.

Reiki III ~ Masters Workshop
$Price on application
Includes: Intensive manual and completion certificate.
This is an intensive workshop which can only be done after you have completed Reiki I and II. It is tailored for those who are dedicated to teaching the Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing and/or for those wanting to complete their own journey with Reiki.

Free Reiki;to receive your free healing, just call or email and your name will be added to our healing list. I will then do an absent healing, which will benefit the intended person that is in need of healing and spiritual help. 

Reiki Healing will benefit all illness' ailments, injuries, emotional and mental issues, as well as helping to overcome addictions, 
Please note: the healing is sent in good faith and not intended to replace medical treatment and is complimentary to all other healing modalities. 

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