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Reiki Healing

Free Reiki, to receive your free healing, just call or email leave your details, all which are completely confidential, and you will be added to our healing list, so every time that we 'do' absent healing        you will benefit also.
Reiki Healing will benefit all illness' ailments, injuries, emotional and mental issues, as well as helping to overcome addictions,
Please note that the healing is sent in good faith and not intended to replace medical treatment and is complimentary to all other healing modalities.
What is Reiki?
Reiki is Universal Life Energy. It is a non-intrusive method of hands on healing, it is very gentle and wholistic method of healing as it reaches all levels, physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual, bringing them all back into balance and equilibrium. 
Reiki promotes the healing energy in oneself.
Reiki builds self esteem.
Reiki can improve memory, creativity and build endurance.
Reiki promotes a deeper understanding of yourself, others and life in general.
Reiki complements all forms of healing.
Reiki is effective on all levels, emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual.
Reiki aids in the recovery of all addictive behaviours.
Reiki relieves pain and acute symptoms rapidly.
Reiki is an excellent way to assist during childbirth and help after surgery.
Reiki balances mind, body and spirit.
Reiki is a first aid kit in your hands.
Book a session in the month of  July, mention the web page and recieve a free healing crystal.  
Enjoy one and a half hours of total relaxation and bliss. 
Only   $95.per session, or book regular sessions and pay only $85.00 each time.
Reiki Healing Workshops
Learn Reiki for yourself and others.  Anyone can learn, it is a simple, safe and effective way of healing.  Workshops are held over two full days in a relaxed and supportive enviroment. Anyone can learn this healing technique, great for young and not so young.
Level one includes four attunements which will open and clear your channels to allow free flow of the healing Reiki energy.  This aids your psychic and Spiritual growth.  You will receive a forty page manual and a cretificate on completion.
Level two increases and enhances your ability for healing and gives you sacred symbols to assist you in distant or absent healing.  The healing used in level two Reiki is magnified and therefore a stronger energy.
Masters Level  for those who are dedicated to teaching the Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing.  Or completeing their own journey with Reiki.
Reiki I
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Reiki II
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