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Spirit Guide Drawings

Please be patient as we update this page, drawings will be posted soon.
Many years ago, Carol was told by her 'Spirit Guides' that she would be drawing other peoples Spirit Guides and Angels, she had her doubts as she hadn't picked up a pencil or crayon since shcool, but as time has gone by, yet again it has been proven that her 'Guides' know best. 
It began whilst talking to a friend about it and she handed Carol a pencil and paper and said "You can draw mine."  Carol protested but still continued with the guidance she was being given.  A few minutes later, when she had completed the drawing along with a message, she passed it on to her friend who  had tears in her eyes and replied she had been given that particular name a few weeks earlier but didn't know at that time what it meant, the name that was given was 'Sedona' and that was the name Carol received whilst doing her drawing, the name of her Spirit Guide.
Carol has now found that she doesn't even need to meet the person whose Guide she is drawing, she tunes into Spirit and they guide her to draw whoever is with the person, and they also give a message or short reading.
Drawings are available at $50.00each
plus $10.00 for p & p
if required
Call or email to receive your Spirit Guide Drawing.
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