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Stellar  Essences
New Vibrational Healing Therapy
These ten new vibrational essences are a wonderful way in which to harness the energies of the stars and constellations.  Just as the planets effect our being astrologically, so do these fantasic new essences. 
These energies are all pervading and influence every aspect of our being.Each of the essences have their own pattern or vibration therefore when used will create or balance that specific energy for the client or person using that particular essence.  They are very powerful and are only recommended when you are ready to bring in great change into your life.
To purchase or use these essences it is necessary to contact Carol to make an appointment for a consultation and to assess which ones would be the most beneficial for you at this moment in time.
Consultation cost is $65.00
Cost of the essence $25.00
To book a session please phone;
Carol 08 9593 1111
Mobile 0411 423 502
Excellent for adding that something extra to your healing sessions.
For enquiries;
phone; 08 9593 1111
mobile;  0411 423 502
They can be used in several methods.
Massage, creams and lotions, -  Add to your favourite carrier oil to create a wonderful blend of healing and nururing. 
Atomisers  -  Add a few drops to 100ml of spring water and mist throughout the room or area.
Oil Burners  - By adding a few drops of the essences into an oil burner, the healing energies of the essences will permeat throughout the atmosphere for every one to benefit.
Bathing By placing a few drops into the bath water  or foot spa will produce a soothing and healing experience.
They can also be placed directly onto the body ( externally only ) apply to the pulse points, temples, wrists or pass through the aura. Doing this will give a clearing and balancing effect.
Home study course of the Stellar Essences available from Mystical Minds
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