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During a tarot reading I had with you, you mentioned that there was an issue with the tyres on my new car I had just bought and adviced I got them checked.  Well a friend of mine came and looked at them for me and told me that they were very over inflated.  Also the front ones needed to be changed to the back...  Thank you so much Carol. Gina  15 August 2009
Hi Carol, Just thought I'd let you know, I had a reading done with you and you said not to worry about the house I was going for, -- it was mine.  I had my doubts, but the agent has just rung me and told me it is mine... Thanks again.  Laura 3 July 2009
Hi Carol just wanted to thank you for the reading I had today, I feel a lot clearer now and am knowing  what I actually want now. 
Thank you Tanya xox  3  July  2009
Hi Carol, I have had severalreadings from you in the past and love your insights, could I make an appointment for next week?
Thanks Diana
I would just like to thank you, Carol for that special oil you made for me, I was feeling quite a mess when I came to you, I had almost given up getting help with the chronic fatigue, but after using the oil you made up for me I felt almost back to normal after only one day. Thanks G.S.
“The level of service at Mystical Minds is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with.
Thank you!
Hi Carol, just to say thank you for giving my dog Jackson reiki healing, he has settled right down and is not showing any signs of the anxiety he had before the session, I'm so pleased he doesn't need the medication anymore, he is a different dog now. Thank you so much.  M.D.
Hi Carol, You have done so much for both my husband and myself, your guidance and support have been a God send.  Since your reading and counselling, we have both been  so much happier. 
Thank you so much Carol, you gave me Reiki healing when I was going through such an awful time.  It really helped and gave me back my calmness, it was just beautiful, I'm going to be a regular client from now on.  M.R.
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